About Us

Psych Central has always been dedicated to helping people better understand their lives — especially their mental health and emotional needs. We have always believed in giving back to the community of our members.

For years, Psych Central has organized community fund drives for members of its Psych Central Community. These fund drives have been focused on individuals in our community who are in dire financial need due to a one-time difficulty, emergency, medical bill, or other situation where such financial help can mean the difference between making it through the month or being homeless. The fund drives result in the disbursement of a personal grant (or micro grant) to the individual in need. Funds raised from individual members in each fund drive have traditionally been matched 1:1 by Psych Central.

Since its inception in late 2005, the fund drives have raised over $20,000 for more than three dozen different members.

The Psych Central Community Connection is meant to provide an organizational home for these micro grant-making activities. Psych Central Community Connection is a 501(c)(3) public charity.


Our Mission

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